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White tea leaves

White tea is a type of tea still poorly known.
White tea protects against cancer, heart disease, and stroke, the leading causes of death in the industrial world, as well as numerous other conditions. It eases the symptoms of illness and promotes recovery. White tea strengthens the circulatory and immune systems as well as bones and teeth, and builds healthy skin.

In its whitish fuzz, the concentration of catechins and polyphenols it is 40% higher, substance which are highly antioxidant and thermogenic. White tea consumption provides a great benefit to the body in general.

Just as green tea and black tea, white tea is removed from the plant Camellia Sinensis, however, in a different way from the others. White tea leaves are harvested while still new, before going through the process of oxidation.

White Tea

Because white tea is the least processed tea, they hold onto most of their naturally occurring antioxidants. Antioxidants are so important for good health – they are nutrients that protect the body from damage by free radicals, fight harmful inflammation, improve cardiovascular health, reduce our risk of chronic disease (like cancer and diabetes), encourage a healthy immune system, and much more. White tea is loaded with these protective nutrients.

White tea has impressive anti-bacterial and anti-viral qualities, which means it can deactivate bad bacteria, viruses, and fungi. White tea is a natural killer of bacteria and viruses. In fact, white tea is even more powerful than green tea in disarming bacterial viruses! The antioxidants so abundant in white tea tone the entire immune system, providing protection against a variety of invaders and a wide range of diseases. Its helps guard against the common cold and flu, and can ease the symptoms of HIV.

White tea contains small amounts of fluoride and other nutrients which keeps the teeth strong and healthy. It also kills the bacteria which causes plaque, tooth decay, and bad breath.

The health benefits of white tea include weight management. White tea has caffeine, which may enhance weight loss, and white tea’s high levels of antioxidants can help to boost your metabolism, encourage the body to burn more fat and curb your appetite. Even better, studies about white tea and weight loss suggest that white tea can prevent new fat cells from developing and encourage the breakdown of fat in existing fat cells, as well.

White tea fights the effects of aging (like wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity Free radicals from staying out in the sun too long, stress, and a poor diet can damage the skin and cause it to prematurely age. White tea’s antioxidants and anti-aging properties protect and help reverse some of this damage to skin, and can even help skin build resistance to stress. Drinking white tea promotes healthy and radiant skin.

White tea’s anti-inflammatory properties may reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis. For those already suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, Studies have found that regular intake of white tea can also improve bone density reduce inflammation and joint damage and strength and may provide beneficial effects of relief for sufferers of arthritis and osteoporosis.

White tea has minimal caffeine as compared to coffee, energy drinks, and other highly caffeinated beverages. So white tea consumption will provide you with the benefits of caffeine (such as increased alertness and energy), it is unlikely to leave you with the typical caffeine side effects (like insomnia, irritability, anxiety, dizziness, or headaches) that can occur with high caffeine intake.

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White tea supports heart health.

This tea helps to protect your heart and the entire circulatory system by reducing cholesterol lowering triglyceride levels, thinning the blood, and improving artery and blood vessel function. Cholesterol is a special type of fat and is necessary for health. There is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, and white tea increases the good while decreasing the bad. This helps prevent hardening of the arteries and blockage of blood flow which helps to protect against stroke. By thinning the blood, lowering blood pressure, and reducing cholesterol, white tea protects the heart and the entire circulatory system. Researchers have also discovered that people who consume white tea are almost 50% less likely to die after suffering a heart attack. White tea is truly a remarkable heart tonic.

Other Health Benefits
White tea has many other benefits to offer. It may reduce blood sugar and help prevent and alleviate the symptoms of diabetes. It reduces stress and increases energy.

Cancer Prevention
White tea may have profound power against cancer-causing cells and against many different types of cancer, such as colon, prostate, and stomach cancers. Flavonoids, a class of antioxidants, inhibit the growth of cancer cells and prevent the development of new ones. In some cases, white tea has been found to work as well as prescription drugs, but without the side effects.