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For centuries, indigenous peoples from different parts of the world, venerate fruits and plants that brought them powerful regenerative effects in various pathologies.

For centuries, indigenous peoples from different parts of the world, venerate fruits and plants that brought them powerful regenerative effects in various pathologies.

In recent years there have been numerous scientific studies that show the effects that the ancestors had already confirmed. Thus it consolidates current results in thousands of worldwide testimonials with the fruits and plants that were conjugated for you to benefit from the most phytotherapy in a drink easy to drink.



This is a unique beverage that has Super fruits selected for their properties; some of them have the shell included as part of the nutritious puree, and in the most bio-available for a perfect absorption. They are named Super fruits for their therapeutic properties, in addition to nutritious. It also includes other plants, mushrooms and spices that demonstrate the greatest powers in the fight against infectious and degenerative diseases.

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Our new drink MOA is the most complete blend condensed into a super drink. It is prepared with the best ingredients that nature has to offer in terms of super foods. Free of preservatives and other toxic substances, MOA is produced with purees, whole fruit extracts including skin, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and uniquely formulated to be the best and most original drink available in the market.
MOA has been elected as the year best on the category for health and pharmacy, in between 3500 innovations submitted by more than 60 organizations, on a jury with 250 world specialists.
MOA is manufactured by ARIIX, which has created and distributes innovative health solutions to wellness, and which are taken to the final consumer through direct sales, and not through normal shops.

MOA – Powerful Ingredients